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THE BOYZ Reveals Performance Version of ‘Right Here’

THE BOYZ has released the official performance version of their latest single, “Right Here.”

“Right Here” is an upbeat dance track that pumps up the energy with a groovy theme. The energy remains from start to finish, making it one of THE BOYZ‘s most exciting tracks yet.


The choreography is fun, sharp, and as lively as the song. As “Right Here” revolves around the theme of circles, it starts off with the members arranged in a circle that then disperses.

Then there’s one of the most exciting part of the choreography, which really adds the “ooh” factor to the track.

There are several instances where the members smile or point at one another or give each other high fives, which adds to the unique group dynamics, especially on stage.

Furthermore, the choreography makes great use of the space, as members will rotate from the center to stand on the side, drawing attention to the center but also around, as it’s hard to keep your eyes off of everyone.

“Right Here” is the title song of the group’s very first single album, “The Sphere,” which also consists of tracks “L.O.U.” and “KeePer,” which was initially released as a standalone digital single after their second mini album, “The Start.”

This comeback showcases more of the members’ unique charms, making it a fun performance to watch from start to finish.

What’s your favorite part of the choreography?


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