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THE BOYZ Impresses with Covers of BTS, EXO, TWICE, KARA, & More!

THE BOYZ have proven themselves to be the kings of song covers, performing songs by senior artists such as BTS, EXO, TWICE, and KARA.

Time and time again, they have released their inner fanboys, channeling their talents to tribute some of the biggest names in the Korean entertainment industry.

To start off, the boys recently performed at at DMC Korean Music Wave Festival 2018, where members Jacob, Q, Hwall, Sunwoo, Haknyeon, Juyeon, and Eric covered the hit, “Boy in Luv” by BTS.

THE BOYZ gave an impressive and exciting tribute to the group with well-executed choreography, vocals, and rap.

Member Hwall is known to be a big fan of BTS, particularly BTS‘s Jimin, while Younghoon is also known for his respect for BTS‘s V.

Hwall isn’t afraid to let his inner ARMY out, as he and the members always mention how much he looks up to BTS.

Here’s the group’s resident ARMY dancing to “Fake Love” by BTS at Idol Radio!

The members have also mentioned they are big fans of EXO as well, and have covered their songs in the past. One of their covers was of “Love Me Right,” which they performed at the Korean Music Festival in August.

The group followed with a special dance practice video for the song. Aren’t they amazing?

And how could we forget THE BOYZ‘s iconic cover of TWICE‘s “What is Love?”

The boys were absolute adorable when they took the stage at M Countdown in Taipei, dressed with black berets and outfits that suit the cute song.

The awesomeness doesn’t stop there.

How can we write about THE BOYZ without mentioning their iconic covers of  KARA‘s “Lupin” and Girls Generation‘s “The Boys?” (Isn’t that song title rather fitting?)

All of the members show off their charisma in their rendition of the songs, paying tribute to the original tracks while adding unique quirks such as Sunwoo‘s rap for “Lupin.”

Those covers were part of a special stage for KCON 2018 Japan, which SF9 and Golden Child also participated in.

Furthermore, this episode of THE BOYZ‘s reality show, “Come On! THE BOYZ,” is filled with them unleashing their inner fanboys.

At 15:39, they sing and dance to 2NE1‘s “I am the Best,” followed by BLACKPINK‘s “Playing with Fire,” rocking out in their animal onesies and cute accessories.

They transition into a dance-off game where they guess the song, then compete by dancing to them for a medal.

The first song is “Boy in Luv” by BTS, which members Eric, Juyeon, and Ju Haknyeon excitedly dance to, followed by “The Boys” by Girls Generation at 21:05.

The dance-off concludes when Q and Jacob have a contest over who covered TWICE‘s “Likey” better. The heated competition starts at 21:50!

The boys have also danced to Sunmi, Red Velvet, Taemin, and BTS on Arirang’s “After School Club,” cementing their reputation as kings of cover dances. This was during their debut promotions in 2017 with “Boy.”

Not only are the boys ARMYs, they are also EXO-Ls, Onces, ReveluvsBLINKsShawols, and more!

THE BOYZ is a 12-member group that debuted under Cre.Ker Entertainment in 2017. They are currently in promotions for their first single album, “THE SPHERE,” with catchy and upbeat title track, “Right Here.”

Which cover of theirs is your favorite, and why? What song would you like them to cover in the future?

To get more familiar with THE BOYZ, check out the Artist Spotlight we wrote on them!


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