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NCT 127 Drops Highly-Anticipated Teasers for Comeback, Adds Jungwoo to Group

NCT 127 has dropped the highly-anticipated teasers for their comeback and have made the surprise addition of Jungwoo into the group’s lineup!

They began to amp up the excitement for their comeback with a teaser clip with glitching effects that spell “Irregular,” the title of their upcoming release.

Fans also received surprising news when SM Entertainment revealed that Jungwoo will be joining NCT 127 as an official member. The group originally consisted of Taeyong, Mark, Jaehyun, Haechan, Taeil, Yuta, and Winwin, but Doyoung and Johnny were later added to the lineup. Now, Jungwoo will be rounding off the group, making NCT 127 a 10-member unit.


In addition to a full-group image, NCT has revealed their first batch of individual teasers for Jungwoo, Jaehyun, and Haechan. The theme of the photos is “irregularity” or a deviation from the symmetrical, fitting with the title of their new album, “Regular-Irregular.”

The group’s new album will be called “NCT#127 Regular-Irregular,” and will star their newest addition to their group lineup, Jungwoo, who was first revealed through NCT U‘s “Boss,” as well as NCT 2018‘s “Black on Black.”

Skilled in vocals and dance, Jungwoo will undoubtedly contribute to the group’s existing sound and developing dynamic.

According to a message posted on the official NCT 127 Twitter, we can expect more teasers from September 18 to 21, followed by the official album drop on October 12.

We can expect 2 more members on September 19, followed by 3 on September 20, and the final pair on September 21.

Fans, or NCTzens, have been anticipating an official announcement for the group after SM Entertainment revealed a schedule of NCT releases for the end of the year, which included NCT Dream, who recently released their second mini album “We Go Up.”


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