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Dreamcatcher Stuns in Teaser Photos and Trailers for ‘Alone In The City’

Dreamcatcher stuns in the official teaser photo sets for their upcoming mini album, “Alone In The City.”

The “Light” photo set features a vibrant color theme with cityscapes in the background, giving a cyberpunk feel. All of the members have new hairstyles and a more mature appearance.

In contrast, the “Shade” photo collection embodies a monochromatic scheme, which emphasizes the members’ features and exudes elegance. The outfits take on a gothic appeal, with full black outfits and accessories, including gloves and hats.

This set also includes glimpses of the black glitter that was included in the graphic for their comeback schedule, adding to the mystical atmosphere.

In addition to the concept photos are Trailers A and B for “What.” Trailer A depicts Yoohyeon stepping out of a car and into a bleak landscape, where she begins to snap photos of her surroundings. The second trailer stars JiU, who is standing alone in an empty surrounding.

The color theme, along with the eerie, lullaby-like instrumental contribute to an emotional and mysterious intrigue.

Alone In The City” will be the group’s 3rd mini album and is slated for a release on September 20.

On the same day, they will be holding their official comeback showcase to perform their new tracks.



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