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Dreamcatcher Reveals Highlight Medley for ‘Alone In The City’

Dreamcatcher has released a highlight medley for their new album, “Alone In The City.”

The clip showcases each of their tracks as well as glimpses of official concept photos. The mini album will consist of 5 tracks: the eerie “Intro,” intense title track, “What,” as well as “Wonderland,” which has an R&B feel, “Trap,” and “July 7th.”


The songs will shed light on more of the girls’ charms, as well as bring out more colors to their vocal and rap abilities.

In addition to their highlight medley, they have also revealed two concept photo sets, “Light” and “Shade,” as well as Trailer A and B for title song, “What.”

Trailer A starred member Yoohyeon, while B was centered on JiU. Both featured a bleak landscape and monochromatic color scheme which carried a mysterious undertone.

The girls are coming back on September 20 with a refreshing new concept, breaking free from the “nightmare” theme they have had since their debut for a new twist.

According to their comeback schedule, they will be releasing a dance spoiler and MV teaser soon.

Are you ready for their return?


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