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THE BOYZ Collaborates with ASICS for CF & Special Merchandise Event

THE BOYZ is collaborating with well-renown brands left and right, and this time, they’re working together with ASICS!

An official teaser was released for ASICS x THE BOYZ CF, depicting the boys with endearing smiles and sporting ASICS accessories.

The teaser opens with Eric, then transitions to show the other members, including an adorable moment between members Q and New, as well as interactions between Younghoon and Hyunjae, and another with Younghoon, Jacob, and Eric.

The clips concludes with a shot of member Ju Haknyeon, along with the message voiced by Kevin stating, “I move me,” one of ASICS‘ signature quotes.

THE BOYZ is now featured on the home page for ASICS Korea, as the brand will be holding a “THE BOYZ Pack Event.”

The event will run from September 15 and will give fans the opportunity to order from the special “Ugly Shoes” collection, which comes with THE BOYZ Socks with the group member’s signatures on the back of the package, as well as THE BOYZ Bromide (random, among 12 different versions/kinds).

THE BOYZ is a 12-member boy group that debuted in 2017 under Cre.Ker Entertainment. The boys are currently promoting for their first single album, “The Sphere,” with upbeat title track, “Right Here.”

Will you be participating in ASICS x THE BOYZ Pack Event?


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