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Get Ready For DAY6’s ‘Youth Tour’ With This Playlist

So you have the perfect outfit for the YOUTH world tour. You’ve got your official light band on your wrist and your poster with Jae’s face surrounded by lights in hand. But, you’re feeling like something’s missing.

You can’t get hyped for a concert without a playlist! Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are 10 songs you need to know and jam to before you see JYP’s rising band live!

1. “Shoot Me”

Put your hands up to DAY6’s latest single off of their newest album, ‘Shoot Me: Youth Pt.1.’ This track will have you head banging and getting hyped for their tour! Who wouldn’t want to see this live?

2. “Congratulations”

Throwback to where it all began. Listen to the band’s debut single and immerse yourself in nostalgia and a little bit of heartache.

3. “Dance Dance”

What do people do at concerts? They dance! Get on your feet and jump to ‘Dance Dance,’ a fun and lighthearted song perfect for moving and grooving.

4. “I Wait”

Let’s pick up the pace with ‘I Wait.’ This track is the first from DAY6’s Every Day6 project in 2017, where they released two tracks every month for 12 consecutive months. ‘I Wait’ features fast paced drum beats and emphasizes DAY6’s signature rock sound with electric guitar and bass.

5. “I Smile”

We don’t know about you, but we can’t stop smiling knowing that DAY6 is going on their first world tour! ‘I Smile’ is a sentimental track with a clear and spacious sound, giving off a bittersweet mood that match the heartbreaking lyrics.

6. “How Can I Say”

Into the pop-rock sound? Lend your ear to ‘How Can I Say.’ DAY6 didn’t hold back with the drums and electric in this track. This song never fails to light up a room and get listeners hyped up.

7. “Somehow”

Tone it down with ‘Somehow,’ a side track from their newest album, ‘Shoot Me: Youth Pt.1.’ A bright and summery track, ‘Somehow’ emanates happy feels and excitement while also showcasing DAY6’s vocal abilities, the chorus bringing their voices nearly above their range. Don’t hurt yourself singing along!

8. “You Were Beautiful”

Slow down with ‘You Were Beautiful.’ This track is the second single in their Every DAY6 project and unofficially serves as part two of ‘Congratulations.’ It features a beautiful melody, flawless harmonies, and tender memories of a faded romance.

9. “Hunt”

An oldie but a goodie! ‘Hunt’ is found in their second mini album ‘Daydream.’ With its catchy beat and fast paced chorus, you can’t help but get excited for their tour! (This song also features Young K’s iconic ‘Oh my Jesus’ rap.)

10. “I Loved You”

‘I Loved You’ is part two of a three part MV story line in their Every DAY6 project. Accompanied by ‘What Can I Do and ‘When You Love Someone,’ it tells a story of unrequited love. The soft keyboard instrumental leading up to the escalated, impassioned chorus and tragic lyrics is guaranteed to have you empathizing.

Now that you’ve gone through the playlist, you are officially ready for DAY6’s Youth Tour! Enjoy the live music and have a blast! We’re sure DAY6 are just as excited to see you as you are to see them!


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