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Pentagon Return with “Naughty Boy” off “Thumbs Up” EP

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 7.41.35 PM

The boys of Pentagon are back with their latest EP “Thumbs Up!” featuring the title track “Naughty Boy”. The MV shows the boys hard at work in various places, washing cars and dancing on a construction site with shovels in hand. The boys alternate between work wear and playful casual fashion, all in bright and saturated colors. The song starts out with the same melody as the teasers, and features the same images of a bright green frog throughout the video. The eight promoting members flash wide smiles and suave synchronization, playing together for fans to enjoy.

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 7.41.37 PM

Just Do It Yo! is the musical equivalent of a boy-next-door, full of charming vocals and sweet lyrics that are bound to warm the hearts of fans. Skateboard is a easy listen, with a funky beat that allows listeners to follow along as the track changes pace several times throughout, moving from a laid-back, relaxed chorus, a slow-down vocal run near the end, and a slouching beat. When It Rains in the Night is a soulful track that highlights the sweet falsettos of the group. The track starts off slow before building in a smooth chorus, transitioning to rap breaks with a light piano bridge. The album ends with the fun, cheerful track “Thumbs Up!” where the boys croon sweet nothings about their crush, calling on their fans to put their thumbs up.

This mark’s the group’s seventh mini-album, following on the success of “Positive” released in April of 2018. The album is available online, and you can watch the music video here!


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