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A.C.E. Announces Tour in U.S. and Latin America


A.C.E. has announced their first ever American and Latin American tour “To Be An Ace”. The five-member group debuted in May of 2017 with their first single album “Cactus” but has been gaining traction in their months prior through their dance busking and vocal cover songs. The group went on to release their second single album “Callin'” before finally releasing a repackage album “A.C.E. Adventures in Wonderland” in 2018. Currently, A.C.E.’s youngest member Chan is promoting as a member of UNB following all five members’ participation in the survival shows The Unit and MIXNINE.

A.C.E. will be touring through the following stops:

  • November 16th – Beunos Aires
  • November 18th – Santiago
  • November 21st – Mexico City
  • November 24th – Los Angeles
  • November 28th – Seattle
  • November 30 – San Francisco
  • December 2nd – Chicago
  • December 5th – Dallas
  • December 7th – Atlanta
  • December 9th – New York
  • December 11th – Miami

The announcement came from MyMusicTaste, who will be partnering with Beat Interactive. Tickets are available in general admission and VIP ranging from $55 USD to $150. Pre-sale tickets will be available to TasteMakers on September 19th at 4PM, with general sale on September 21st at 4PM. More information for each venue can be found on MyMusicTaste.


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