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SubKulture Hosts Giveaway for P1 YOUTH Tour Tickets

Concerts are amazing experiences! Seeing your faves perform their hearts out on stage is incredible. Though concerts can of course be enjoyed alone, it’s always a little more fun with a friend. That’s where SubKulture comes in to help My Days find friends to enjoy Day6’s YOUTH tour with. SubKulture has set up event pages for each YOUTH tour stop on their Facebook. On the event pages, My Days can chat with one another as well as stay up to date with tour announcements. Here is SubKulture’s Twitter post with links to each Facebook event page.

SubKulture is also currently hosting a giveaway for a pair of P1 tickets for Day6’s YOUTH tour. The giveaway ends September 13th, and a winner for each tour stop will be chosen and announced September 14th. My Days can start by re-posting SubKulture’s original post about the giveaway on their Twitter or another chosen SNS Platform. Then simply complete a few more steps to officially be entered for a chance to win. Check out the attached images for more details. Subkulture is dedicated to making the YOUTH tour a huge success, and ensuring My Days have the an awesome experience. Remember that tickets sales for YOUTH tour begins September 15th at 10 AM local time of individual concert halls.


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