Comebacks, K-Pop

HOTSHOT to Return After Year Long Hiatus

Four year old boy group, HOTSHOT, has announced they’ll be making a comeback in October with a new album.

More than a year has past since HOTSHOT’s 2017 summer single “Jelly”. “Jelly” had a catchy repetitive rhythm, with lyrics that begged their love not to leave. During the Idol group’s year long hiatus two of their members, Timoteo and Ho Jung, went on the Idol revival show, The Unit. Timoteo was eliminated during the finale of The Unit, but Ho Jung went on to win and debut with UNB. Meanwhile, another HOTSHOT member Tae Hyun (Kid Monster) was promoting as a member of temporary Idol group JBJ.

Since sixth member Sung Woon is still actively promoting with Wanna One he won’t be joining this come back. Fortunately though, with UNB promotions coming to an end and JBJ’s inevitable disbandment this past Spring, HOTSHOT will be making their comeback as five.


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