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JBJ95 Open Up SNS Accounts for Fast Approaching Debut Date

Kenta and Sang Gyun have recently opened new socials under their unit name JBJ95, in preparation of their upcoming debut. They now have a Daum fancafe, new Vlive channel, and much more. The unit name JBJ95 pays homage to their previous group JBJ, in conjunction with Kenta and Sang Gyun’s birth year 1995. For those who may not know, JBJ was a temporary fan made group of trainees from the survival show Produce 101 season 2. Sadly JBJ disbanded earlier this year in April; leaving behind two MVs thanking their fans for the memories.
However, due to the strong friendship of Kenta and Sang Gyun, and cooperation between their companies STARROAD Entertainment and HUNUS Entertainment, they were able to become a fixed unit.

In a recent Japanese magazine photoshoot of JBJ95, the members also spoke of an album release date. Though it isn’t clear weather this is the release date of their Korean or Japanese debut, as of now the album drop date will be October 4. The album name is One Fine Day. Fans speculate if the album name is an allusion to a lyric from JBJ’s farewell song Call Your Name. In the song JBJ sang, “let’s see you again on a fine day.”

What do you think of this theory?

Let’s keep an eye out for what JBJ95 has in store for us!


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