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Sunmi Is Alluring In New MV ‘Siren’

After Gashina became a top hit, we were yearning to hear what else Sunmi had in her repertory.

After a few months, MAKEUS Entertainment heard our pleas and released a Mini album titled ‘Warning‘, where the Title Track ‘Siren’ just like on Gashina, has a double meaning. According to 1TheK, Making people imagine a beautiful mermaid seducing the Seamen‘ but also ‘remind of the warning sound for emergency‘.

The MV is just as colorful as Gashina, but the colors are brighter and the dancing is lively and faster than the previous hit. The music has a faster rhythm that makes you want to dance even if you don’t know the choreography.

Whether you are a fan of Sunmi or just like one of her songs, this hit is the new must listen for kpop fans!

Watch the video here to show your support!


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