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Dreamcatcher Reveals Comeback Schedule for ‘Alone in the City’

The queens of dark concepts, Dreamcatcher, is coming back with a new concept later this month.

The title of their upcoming release is “Alone in the City,” which will be their 3rd mini album. The image appears to show a dark pile of glitter, powder, or sand, which gives off an ominous and mystical atmosphere.

Furthermore, their logo has been restyled for their new release and leans towards a more simplistic design.


According to the schedule, a mystery code video will be released on September 7, followed by a series of teaser images on the September 10 to 11 and 13 to 14. Two trailers will be released between those times, scheduled for September 12 and 15.

The highlight medley for “Alone in the City” is scheduled for September 17, followed by a dance spoiler, and MV teaser in the consecutive following days leading to the album drop on the 20th.

The girls will be leaving their previous nightmare concept for a new one that has more to do with mystery and intrigue.

Dreamcatcher most recently came back with their 2nd mini album, “Escape the ERA,” with powerful metal track, “You and I.” Since their debut in early 2017, they have branded themselves with dark intrigue through a “nightmare” that has carried into their releases with “Chase Me,” “Good Night,” “Fly High,” and “You and I.”

To learn more about Dreamcatcher, check out our Artist Spotlight!


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