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Pentagon Release Second Concept Images for “Thumbs Up!”


Pentagon has a released a second set of concept photos for their upcoming comeback. As well as a group teaser, CUBE has also released three group-member teasers alongside eight individual teaser images. Each of the images shows the boys lying on on a grassy background, dotted with white flowers, and wearing nondescript colors in grey, green and blue.

The teasers are surprisingly tame, with most of the boys sporting neutral hair colors except for some telltale mint green. The simple design of the teasers once again does little to hint at what kind of sound the group’s album is going to have.

This mark’s the group’s seventh mini-album, following on the success of “Positive” released in April of 2018. The album peaked at 10th on the Billboard World Albums chart, and saw the group’s sales almost double between comebacks. The group also released their third Japanese mini-album, “Shine”, in late August of 2018. The group’s previous Japanese release “Violet” from January of 2018 saw the group gaining traction in the Japanese market as the album peaked at 4th on the Oricon chart.  E-Dawn and Hui, together with CUBE labelmate Hyuna, also made a comeback as the unit-group Triple H in July of 2018. Pentagon are currently promoting as eight members as E-Dawn and Yanan take breaks for personal reasons. The group will make their comeback on September 10th, 2018 at 6PM KST.


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