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BTS Releases Official Merchandise for LOVE YOURSELF World Tour + Updates on BTS STUDIO and More!

BTS has officially kicked off their world tour as of August 25th/26th in Seoul, and will be performing FOUR shows in L.A @ the Staples Center later this week and will be heading over to Oakland to perform on the 12th afterwards.

Just yesterday, POWERHOUSE LIVE updated fans the official merchandise for the concert, and looks like there are exclusive ones just for the North America and European stops! There are a total of 63 pieces of official merchandise that is offered- (ARMYs wallets are going to take a hit for sure T____T)

The operating hours for the official merchandise sales will take upon the hours of 10am-TBD for both Sept 5th & 6th and on the weekend on Sept 8th & 9th, operating hours will be from 9am-TBD. POWERHOUSE LIVE has also noted that depending on the day, selling operation hours and location may change!

There will be TWO lines for the merchandise, one is an EXPRESS sales booth and the other is GENERAL! At General you will be able to select any merchandise to purchase, whereas the Express is only for the OFFICIAL Light Stick vers 3 and AAA batteries! Of course, this may change depending on how the day goes. Payment methods are available in both cash and credit cards.


Merch #1

Merch #2

Merch #3

Merch #4

Merch #5

Merch #6
Only available for US/CA/EU Concerts ONLY

ARMYs that also have Express tickets for BTS STUDIO will be able to take a photo through an express lane, whereas fans who do NOT have one will have to do it on a first-come-first-serve basis!

BTS STUDIO Presented by LG Operation Time:

9/5: 10am- 6pm

9/6: 10am-6pm

9/8: 10am-4pm

9/9: 10am-4pm

Additional information can be found on POWERHOUSE LIVE’s Official Facebook page here: or on their Twitter page @POWERHOUSELIVE


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