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100% Return with Mini-Album “Sunshine”

The four-members of 100% have made a comeback with their 5th Korean mini-album “Sunshine”. While the group released the single “Grand Bleu” in July after almost a year-and-a-half long hiatus in Korea, they have been busy in Japan, where they released the single albums “Song for You” and “Summer Night” in 2018 alone. “Grand Bleu” joins their new title track “Heart” on their newest release.

The seven-track mini-album starts with a instrumental intro in “Sunshine” which sets the mood for the album as sweet and summery like it’s title. The album transitions right into “Heart”, an upbeat and tropical track that is as refreshing as their bright, sun-kissed and vibrant-hued MV. The song is staged sometimes in dark, flower-ridden rooms as well as the bright, pristine blue of a poolside as the boys dance in the water and run alongside each other, lively and cheerful. These scenes are inter-spliced with coordinated and slick dance moves, and the four boys are sure to make fans and new listeners happy with their latest end-of-summer jam.

“Turn Away” and “Because of You” take on a slower, more sensual beat as the boys croon in honey-like vocals. “So What” takes on a soulful, confessional vibe as the second-last track on the album before a closing instrumental. The boys are earnest and plaintive, solidifying this mini-album as a strong and emotional contender that is sure to stand up proudly next to the boys’ existing discography. You can listen to the album on all streaming services, and watch their newest MV here!


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