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THE BOYZ Experiences Vietnam Through Fun Vlog Series


THE BOYZ recently visited the country of Vietnam and have revealed bits of their travels through their “OFF THE BOYZ” and “THE PLAY” vlogs!

The members experienced the Vietnamese nightlife, enjoying local cuisine, shopping at street markets, and learning more about the country during their short stay there. The boys even had down time at a Vietnamese resort, where they dined and relaxed in comfort.

As a Chinese-Vietnamese fan of THE BOYZ, I was thrilled when I found out the boys visited a country that has a lot of significance to my cultural and ethnic background, as well as my family’s origins!


During Vietnam Special of “THE PLAY,” the boys broke off into pairs to explore the Vietnamese nightlife, taking a stroll through the street markets with the mission of buying their partners clothes and trying local food.

Each pair had their own episode of “THE PLAY,” which lasted anywhere between 8 to 10 minutes. The episode breakdown is as follows:

Episode 1: Jacob & Sunwoo

Episode 2: Juyeon & Q

Episode 3: Sangyeon & New

Episode 4: Kevin & JuHaknyeon

Episode 5: Hyunjae & Hwall

Episode 6: Younghoon & Eric

In these segments, you can see the boys in a more casual setting as they bargain with local vendors for accessories and clothes, and tried local food like Mango, Durian, Pho, and Banh Mi, and even snails!

In the first episode of “THE PLAY,Jacob and Sunwoo browsed the various food options at the street market.

They tried some Vietnamese desserts and eventually ordered Banh Mi, which they noted was delicious.

Kevin and Haknyeon tried mango shakes and snails, while members Q and Juyeon had watermelon juice.

Q noted that watermelon juice is rumored to be tasty in Vietnam, and it’s true even in the Vietnamese community where I’m from too.

On the other hand, Sangyeon and New sampled some dishes at the food market before deciding to get meat and mango soda, which New mentioned had a very intense flavor. They also grabbed a bag of mangos, while Hwall and Hyunjae got Durian.


Through the vlogs, we find out facts about the members that we never knew before, such as Haknyeon and Hwall‘s intense haggling skills and how popular New seems to be with the local bugs.

The boys also tried on and purchased clothes and bracelets from the local vendors, as it was part of their mission to buy clothes for their partners.

The members also experienced the culture of Vietnam and find out that motorbikes are a popular transportation method there, as can be seen in the busy streets during each of their segments.

My utmost favorite episode of this special series was definitely Episode 6, Younghoon and Eric‘s vlog. What I appreciated the most about their vlog was the fact that they were so open-minded to Vietnamese culture and were even knowledgeable about what was popular in the country.

The two of them grabbed some authentic Pho and were absolutely amazed at the taste, mentioning and visibly expressing how delicious it was. Younghoon could hardly contain his excitement, his eyes widening when he tried the soup for the first time. Am I the only one craving some Pho now?

Eric mentioned how sitting on the stools and eating outside is famous in Vietnam, which my mom has also said she did when she visited there too. Props to Eric for knowing all of this about Vietnam!

Eric and Younghoon finally made a stop at the convenience store, where they bought drinks that Eric noted were popular in Vietnam. He’s definitely put in a good share of research, and I respect him for that!


The boys revealed even more of their Vietnam adventures in an 11-minute long segment of “OFF THE BOYZ,” where they ate bowls of Pho for dinner and walked around the resort.

It was adorable seeing them enjoy local cuisine while also getting the Vietnamese experience.

They got excited when they found frogs at the resort, and even caught one to admire it before releasing it again.

And like all of their videos, they give us a lot of laughs, being playful with one another and allowing their curiosities to guide them around the resort.

Kevin and Haknyeon had a conversation about how foreigners refer to Korea as “Korea,” while Koreans refer to their country as “Dae Han Min Guk.” Haknyeon then asked what Vietnamese people call their country.

In addition to this summer special for THE BOYZ, the group has also concluded their “Come On! THE BOYZ: Summer RPG” series, which followed the boys and their vacation over a span of 8 episodes.

THE BOYZ is a 12-member boy group that debuted under Cre.Ker Entertainment in 2017 with the single, “Boy.” The group is scheduled to make a comeback on September 5 with their first single album, “THE SPHERE.”

The group has since released a series of “Scene of Sphere” clips in collaboration with Dazed, as well as an official MV teaser for title track, “Right Here.”

Did you enjoy seeing their travel experiences in Vietnam? What were your favorite moments?


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