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DIA’s First Win Is Celebrated With New Partnership

After so much work and dedication from the members, finally the well deserved First Win came for the girls of DIA.

The best way they found to celebrate this happy moment was with a Partnership with the app Amazer and the #WoowooChallenge, which can grant fans with amazing prizes.

Anyone can easily participate the event by singing or dancing to DIA’s song, “Woo Woo” or by just taking any videos using the song. Videos that are submitted during the event period, September 9th, with the hashtag #WoowooChallenge are automatically entered into the challenge.

Amazer is a global Kpop video community where top Kpop dance crews and creators upload short videos and communicate with their fans. Also, users can create their own guide videos and make others cover them. It is now available in +121 countries and over 90% of users are based outside Korea.

On amazer, DIA members provide guide videos that walk their fans through how to dance to “Woo Woo” so that users can easily cover it. Also, both Korean and English subtitles are provided in order to help users lip-syncing lyrics without effort.

Eight finalists will be handpicked by each member of DIA and receive their autographed CDs, polaroids, t-shirts, slogan banners, photo cards, etc.

We predicted the success of DIA’s new song by analyzing in-app video & hashtag trends, which led to us coming up with the idea of collaborating with DIA. Many users are joining the challenge already, which shows the popularity of DIA’s new song ‘Woo Woo’” said Tensz Lee, CEO of amazer.

You can visit their official page https://Amazerlab.com/

And download the app:

For Android: https://goo.gl/FvtZG8

For IOs: https://goo.gl/x6V0No

Don’t miss this opportunity to win signed merchandise from one of your favorite artists. Due date is September 9th.

Check the website and app for complete information and help DIA celebrate their first win, and certainly not the last.


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