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MONSTA X’s Jooheon Releases First Mixtape “DWTD”

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 2.35.07 PM.png

MONSTA X has been keeping busy as they continue their world tour into the fall of 2018. Through it all, main rapper Jooheon has released a 5-track mixtape largely written, composed, and arranged by the rapper himself. The mixtape starts out with a bass-heavy rap track in “Should I Do” that shows the rapper happily going in on his verses with enthusiasm. We then go on to the title track, Red Carpet, which takes a turn into a more melodic, chorus-heavy song.

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 2.35.27 PM.png

The MV plays up a series of artistic tableaus and aesthetics, with Jooheon standing in front of pastels, airplane wings, art galleries, and becoming art himself. The track is laid back and casual, a pleasant and easy listen and perhaps different from fans of a harder, more forceful style of rap. It is definitely the most public-friendly track on the album, playing to the fans of a more melodic side of Jooheon and MONSTA X.

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 2.34.50 PM.png

Jooheon goes back to a tougher style with heavy beats and bass on the track “Kang Baek-ho” which features a loud and rich refrain. Jooheon continues with his playful bent as he shares credit with KILLAGRAMZ on the track “Runway” before he starts off languidly in “Manito” once more. The final track is deliberate, with a sensual beat that builds as Jooheon speeds up and slows down on the chorus once more.

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 2.35.51 PM.png

You can watch the MV here!


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