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THE BOYZ Drops Thrilling Epilogue to ‘Scene of Sphere’ Teaser Series

THE BOYZ has released the thrilling epilogue to their comeback “Scene of Sphere” teaser series!

The epilogue video is a compilation of the prologue and individual “Scene of Sphere” clips, as well as additional footage at the end.

The new content portrays the boys in a wide and open setting with a mature look.

Furthermore, the epilogue featured intense instrumentals that gave off a powerful feel.

All of their “Scene of Sphere” videos were released in collaboration with Dazed and embodies a dark aesthetic unseen in their previous concepts.

THE BOYZ is slated for an official comeback on September 5 with their first single album, “THE SPHERE.”

THE SPHERE” will showcase more of their charms, as well as delve into a new theme with the title track, “Right Here.”

According to their promotion schedule, there will be two MV teasers released before their official album and MV drop.

Check out the epilogue video exclusively through VLive!

Are you ready?


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