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MXM Spoils Fans with Special Videos for Album Tracks

MXM has been spoiling fans with tons of new content, including special clips for tracks from their recent album. “More Than Ever.”

Included in the mix are: the MV making for “Ya Ya Ya,” “Checkmate” MV, reaction video to “Ya Ya Ya,” performance version of “Ya Ya Ya,” MV making for “Checkmate,” the performance version for “Checkmate,” and special clips for the pair’s respective solo tracks!

These are only the ones shared on the MXM‘s official YouTube page, as the duo have been actively releasing fun videos with other media outlets, such as Dingo.

The boys were challenged to sing while eating and building sweets in this special video with Dingo! Hilarity and cuteness ensue as the boys try to multi-task in this absolutely adorable “Cooking Live!”

There are even more collaborations between MXM and GlanceTV, who partnered with them to release videos for hidden tracks on their previous album and official songs on their new one, “Gone Cold” and “Love Me Now.” Check out more of the boys’ serious and sentimental sides in these segments below.

All of these special treats come as a package deal with promotions for the boys’ first full-length album, “More Than Ever,” which consists of 14 new songs, the title being “Ya Ya Ya.”

MXM, also known as Brand New Boys, is comprised of Kim Donghyun and Lim Youngmin. The pair debuted in 2017 with their first mini album, “Unmix,” with upbeat and uplifting track, “I’m the One.”


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