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BTS to Have Interview at Grammy Museum

The motto “Teamwork makes the Dream work” has been proven right yet again!

BTS have been rewarded for their hard work with many acknowledgements, ranging from simple shoutouts from great mainstream artists, to performances on U.S. television shows and awards; not only in Korea but all around the globe.

And now, a new milestone comes their way.

A new milestone is coming their way soon. The most important music association in the world, The Grammys, have noticed this amazingly talented and hardworking group of young men, and will grant them the opportunity to open up to the public in an intimate and inspiring interview that will discuss their concerns about music and possibly future projects.

Tickets for the memorable event are already sold out, which just shows how powerful the boys are.

If you are part of the lucky ones who got a ticket, please remember this interview is only conversation and will not have any performances. Fans are ready to show the members all the support possible!


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