Comebacks, K-Pop

THE BOYZ Drops Comeback Teasers for Eric, Juyeon, & New

THE BOYZ is rounding off their “Scene of Sphere” teasers with the release of clips starring members Eric, Juyeon, and New.

The teasers, released in collaboration with Dazed, radiate a dark and sophisticated aura unseen in the group’s previous releases with singles “Boy,” “Giddy Up,” and “KeePer.”

In addition to “Scene of Sphere” videos are concept images of the boys, who look youthful and mature.

The group is releasing their first single album, “THE SPHERE,” with title song, “Right Here,” on September 5. The boys will also be holding a comeback showcase on the same day, where they will perform their new songs for the first time.


According to their comeback schedule, the epilogue to “Scene of Sphere” will be released via VLive on August 30, followed by MV teasers on August 31 and September 3.


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