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Jin Longguo Reveals MV Teasers & Highlight Medley for Upcoming Album

Jin Longguo (also known as Kim Yongguk) has just revealed the official MV teasers and highlight medley for his upcoming album, “Friday n Night.”

The two MV teasers takes us into the story of “Friday n Night,” which emanates with an emotional and solemn mood. The teasers follow a cool and dark color palette, which complement the somber tone of the song.

On the other hand, the highlight medley gives fans a glimpse into each of the album tracks, which show off different colors in his vocals.

The album consists of 5 tracks total: title song, “Friday n Night,” “하룻밤” (translated to “Overnight”), “Universe,” “Clover,” and “Be with you.”

Longguo participated in the creation of the songs, writing the lyrics for “Friday n Night” and “Clover,” a pre-released special track featuring Yoon Mirae.

Are you ready for his new album?



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