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Stray Kids Gets Playful in Street Version of ‘Question’

The members of Stray Kids get playful in the street version video for “Question.”

As their other Street Version videos, this video showcases their playful charms and personalities, following them as they play with water guns, nets, and park exercise equipment. This park was also the site of one of the boys’ recent V Lives.

The street version of “Question” was released as part of the Stray Kids weekly program, which has been in place since the group began their comeback promotions.

According to the program, there will be a new “Spot Kids: Black” episode on August 23, the second installment of their “Honey-Tips” segment on August 24, episodes 5 and 6 of “Two Kids Room” on the 25th, followed by “SKZ-Player” #1 on August 26.

“Question” is one of the tracks on the group’s latest mini album, “I am WHO,” which was released on August 6.


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