Holland Goes Off The Record With Pudding

Self-made star and benevolent spokesman for LGBT in Korea, Holland is still on the rise after debuting with Neverland earlier this year. In July, Holland released twin singles, ‘I’m Not Afraid’ and ‘I’m So Afraid.’ Both songs have accompanying music videos that find home on his YouTube channel.

However, Holland doesn’t just use his YouTube channel for his music. With 659,626 subscribers, he uses it as a platform to connect and share his life with his fans. Among the music videos and teasers, you can find a Q&A and unboxing video, both part of a series called ‘HOLLAND TV.’ More recently, Holland started posting videos titled ‘OFF THE RECORD for HOLLAND’ in collaboration with Pudding, a channel created by Penguin Agency.

In these videos, Holland does just what the title entails. He goes off the record with his fans through vlogs, sharing his thoughts in discussions with others. His latest video features him and his friends going out for drinks and sharing their coming out stories, reminiscing boyfriends and families, and putting in their two cents about current LGBT issues and different sexualities.

Check out the most recent episode of OFF THE RECORD below and subscribe to Holland’s channel!


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