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KCON 2018 LA Brings Weekend of Excitement to the West Coast!

This past weekend, KCON 2018 LA heated up the west coast with several days of thrilling performances and opportunities for thousands of dedicated fans to interact with their favorite artists!

The event took place from August 10 to 12 at the Los Angeles Staples Center and Convention Center. The event started a day early for some fans, who came on August 9 for early check-in to receive their artist engagement packs, which were offered with perks such as Hi Touch, Audience, and Red Carpet.

Boasting a lineup with artists like TWICE, Wanna One, SEVENTEEN, Dynamic Duo, and Ailee, not to mention YouTubers, local artists, and other special guests, KCON 2018 LA united over 90,000 lovers of Korean entertainment, beauty, and culture from around the world.

The event kicked off with KCON West, a pre-show event featuring Ailee, Roy Kim, and Echae Kang on August 8, followed by early check-in on August 9.

The program for the convention was stock-full of panels, ranging from ones hosted by popular YouTubers to others run by fans, such as fanclub meetings. There were dance workshops, meet and greets with entertainers such as Gemini and Irene Kim, workshops, and more. Many artists visited the convention, giving lucky fans to see the stars up close. They frequented the Toyota and MWAVE Booths, as well as the Kakao Friends Booth, Star Square, Stone Music Entertainment Booth, and KCON Convention Stage.

There were tons of booths for attendees to check out, ranging from K-pop merchandise from vendors such as Choice Music, as well as K-Beauty, K-Culture, and more! Stone Music Entertainment even held auditions over the weekend, inviting aspiring entertainers to showcase their talents for an opportunity to become a star.

The first official day of KCON started on August 9 and featured the Super Rookie Showcase with IN2IT, followed by artist engagements with MOMOLANDDynamic Duo and Crush, as well as Golden Child. During artist engagements, the stars greeted their fans, answering questions, playing games (such as team work games), as well as holding special Hi-Touch events, where fans were able to high-five them.

The first day concluded with KLUB KCON, which featured special performances from DJ Friz, eSNADynamic Duo and Crush, Golden Child, MOMOLAND, and IN2IT, who did a K-EDM set. Fans danced the night away to music throughout the night, pumping up their energy for the rest of the weekend.

Day 2 of the event featured artist engagements from AileeTWICEWanna One, and Chungha, as well as the Super Rookie Showcase with IMFACT. The first night of concert was filled with exciting performances from Ailee, Dynamic Duo and CrushGolden Child, IN2IT, MOMOLAND, TWICE, Wanna One, with special guests, Davichi, the powerful vocal duo, and Mia.

Mia, MOMOLAND, IN2IT, and Golden Child started off the show with energetic performances, then handed off the rest of the show to Ailee, who pumped up the crowd with her empowering music, Dynamic Duo and Crush with their iconic K-Hip Hop and R&B tracks, Davichi with their soulful voices, and TWICE and Wanna One with their hit tracks. There were special stages from artists such as TWICE, as well as fun game segments featuring Golden Child, IN2IT, and special MCs, Wanna One‘s Daehwi and Minhyun.

Fans chanted, danced, and sang passionately along with the music, concluding the first night on an amazing note.

Day 3 of KCON was filled with artist engagements from fromis_9, Pentagon, SEVENTEEN, and NU’EST W, as well as special appearances from featured artists, Dreamcatcher, who visited the MWAVE Booth and Star Square, where they held a meet & greet fansign for lucky fans. Fromis_9 also held their Super Rookie Showcase, demonstrating their talents and lovable personalities to the crowd, while Pentagon dropped by the Toyota booth to greet and take photos with fans who won the chance to from the Toyota Ride & Drive event.

The second and final night of the concert wrapped up with stunning performances from Chungha, fromis_9, IMFACT, NU’EST W, Pentagon, and Seventeen, as well as featured artists, Dreamcatcher, Jun, and Roy Kim. Artists surprised fans. IMFACT and Jun delivered intense performances, while NU’EST W charmed the crowd with hits such as “Where U At” and “Dejavu.”

The surprise MCs of the night were SEVENTEEN‘s Joshua and Vernon, who invited fromis_9 and Chungha to the stage to play games where the girls showed their charms and dance abilities. There was even a special stage featuring the female artists, showcasing powerful dance routines from Dreamcatcher, fromis_9, and Chungha.

Pentagon had the whole audience singing along to their smash hit, “Shine,” while Roy Kim had everyone swaying along to his soothing voice and music. SEVENTEEN brought the energy to an all-time high with their charismatic and fun stages including ones featuring their three units (Vocal, Hip Hop, and Performance), “Mansae,” and “Very Nice.”

KCON 2018 LA successfully wrapped up the weekend with unforgettable stages and memories for fans and artists alike, from the jam-packed convention, artist engagements, and the star-studded concert nights.


Here are a compilation of fan tweets from this amazing weekend!

When Alex and Maia Shibutani attended KCON and their mood couldn’t be more accurate:

When SEVENTEEN’s rapline had the fans on screen and off screen heart attacks as they dressed in all black casual clothing and harnesses.

What were your favorite KCON 2018 LA memories? Share them with us in the comments, and see you all at KCON LA in 2019!


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