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Jin Longguo Teases for 1st Mini Album, ‘Friday n Night’

Jin Longguo will be releasing his first mini album, “Friday n Night,” very soon!

The artist revealed the exciting news through a stunning teaser image which also depicts his official logo.

According to Longguo‘s comeback timetable, “Friday n Night” is slated for a release on August 29 at 6PM.

Another concept photo is scheduled for August 21, followed by MV teasers on the 24th and 27th and a highlight medley on the 26th!

In addition to his first mini album, he will also be holding his first fanmeeting on Wednesday, August 29, at 8PM at South Korea’s Yes24 Live Hall.

He also recently revealed his official fanclub colors, Pantone 302C and Pantone 298C, as well as his official logo, which includes the shape of a cat. The logo is extremely fitting, considering Longguo is known to be a bug fan of cats.

Longguo previously promoted as a member of JBJ and also released the single, “Clover,” featuring Yoon Mirae, in June.


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