Holland Fans Vote For Their Fandom Name

After his debut with ‘Neverland,’ Holland announced an unofficial name for his fans. Since then, his fans have been known as Harlings, a cross between Holland and Darlings.

Earlier this month, Holland asked on Twitter and Instagram for fans to send in suggestions for official fandom names. The comment section blew up on Instagram as fans proposed names such as “Lost Kids,” “Lovers,” and more popularly, “Gays.” (To which Holland responded with “Come on…I will never do that…!”)

Last week, Holland posted a poll on Twitter, asking fans to vote for their official name. The poll listed four options: Harling, Lovers, Holograms, and Lost Kids. Now, the poll has officially ended and the final results are in.

Of the 106,402 votes accumulated over three days, ‘Harling’ won with 38% of the votes. ‘Holograms’ followed with 29%. ‘Lost Kids’ received 17% of the votes, and ‘Lovers’ followed closely with 16%.

We have yet to see an official announcement from Holland, so stay tuned for that!


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