15 Idol Soundclouds You Must Follow

It’s no surprise that idols dabble with their own sound and produce their own music in between promotions and preparations. Can you imagine how many amazing tracks have been produced in your favorites’ studios? Well, now you don’t have to imagine. You can listen!

Soundcloud isn’t just for underground artists, amateur producers, or casual music streamers. You can also find k-artists dropping their mixtapes and uploading self-produced tracks on this platform. Idols have taken to Soundcloud to experiment with new styles of music and to share with fans their individuality out of the limelight. Here are 15 Idol Soundclouds you should keep up with!

1. Amber Liu (Amber of f(x))

While fans remain patiently waiting for f(x) to return to the spotlight, Amber took matters into her own hand, uploading covers onto Soundcloud towards the end of 2017. Several months into 2018, she released her own solo mixtape, ‘Rogue Rouge’ for fans to enjoy (and download) for free! You can also find the music videos that accompany each of the featured six tracks on Amber’s YouTube channel.


Do the sounds of Jay Park, Hoody, and Loco appeal to you? AOMG, the record label headed by the one and only Jay Park, has a Soundcloud for all their artists to share. Their page features K-R&B/Hip-Hop tracks produced by Cha Cha Malone and DJ Wegun. Check out their Soundcloud for your dose of R&B/Hip-Hop.

3. Def. (JB of GOT7)

One of JYP’s designated creators, JB of GOT7 is no stranger to the world of producing. Thanks to KBS’s reality show, Hyena on the Keyboard, fans had the opportunity to watch him go through the movements of his creative process. Also known as Defsoul, JB made his debut on Soundcloud a year ago, dubbing himself, Def. JB’s personal tracks diverge from GOT7’s pop and trap releases as his true sound shines through with the slow, chill beats of his mixtape ‘1/? vol. 1.’

4. Ars (Youngjae of GOT7)

Hailing from GOT7 as well, Youngjae began uploading his solo music on Soundcloud in 2017. Youngjae is also recognized as a JYP creator, known by his producer name, Ars. His Soundcloud features eight of his own tracks, which include a collaboration with his music inspirations, Elliot Yamin and Sanjoy.

5. YUGYEOM (Yugyeom of GOT7)

Not all things that come in threes are catastrophes. A third member of GOT7 also finds his place on Soundcloud. Following the footsteps of his group members, Yugyeom dropped his solo track, ‘그대로 (The way you are)’ on Soundcloud, trading GOT7’s hype sound for a darker, R&B vibe.


The members of Seventeen are among some of the self-produced legends in the K-pop scene. Their Soundcloud features mixtape tracks that date back to 2014, before the group even debuted! To this day, they still release mixtapes in the form of solos produced by  the members or remixes of their official tracks.

7. 주 honey (Jooheon of MONSTA X)

MONSTA X’s Jooheon does more than just tearing up the stage with his powerful raps and heart-melting aegyo. Since he assists with composing and writing songs for his group, it isn’t a surprise to see Jooheon working solo. (He already has a couple of mixtapes on Starship’s YouTube channel.) Known as Joo Honey on Soundcloud, Jooheon uploads collabs with his fellow members as well as self-produced tracks.

8. I.M (I.M of MONSTA X)

We can’t forget the other half of MONSTA X’s rapline! Earlier this year, I.M dropped ‘Fly With Me,’ his first mixtape since ‘Who Am I,’ on Soundcloud. Monbebes know just how much time I.M spends in his studio, working on solo mixtapes and songs for his group. Fans can anticipate more activity on his Soundcloud.

9. 3RACHA (Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han of Stray Kids)

Before we had Stray Kids, we had 3RACHA. 3RACHA consists of the Stray Kids’ main producers. On stage, they’re known as Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han, but in the studio, they’re CB97, SPEARB, and J.One. Before their debut in Stray Kids, 3RACHA dropped three mixtapes on Soundcloud. They have 47 tracks in all, including the iconic ‘Matryoshka’ and two solos done by SPEARB and J.One.

10. Noh Yoon Ho (Ayno of VAV)

Under the idol spotlight, he’s Ayno, VAV’s rapper and vocalist. On Soundcloud, he’s known by his real name, Noh Yoonho. Between VAV’s activities, Ayno produces mixtapes that exude catchy hip-hop vibes that contrast VAV’s dance-pop genre.

11. yooheedo (Heedo of B.I.G.)

After participating in KBS’s The Unit, B.I.G’s low-toned rapper, Heedo took to Soundcloud to upload his hip-hop and rap mixtapes. If you haven’t fallen for his deep voice, you will once you check out his raps. You can find collaborations between Heedo and his group members, Gunmin and Minpyo, among his uploads on Soundcloud.

12. YERINB (Baek Yerin of 15&)

15& have yet to return from their hiatus under JYP Entertainment, but that doesn’t stop Baek Yerin from continuing her music career. Through her Soundcloud, Yerin expands her music portfolio, uploading covers, remixes, and self-produced tracks and demos.

13. BANG YONGGUK (Yongguk of B.A.P)

Bang Yongguk isn’t just B.A.P’s leader and rapper. He is a songwriter and producer. It seems that recently, Yongguk has been focusing on his solo career, dropping solos like Yamazaki in mid-2017 to DRUNKENNESS earlier this year. You can check out his raps and chill instrumentals on his Soundcloud.

14. Crush

K-Hip Hop and R&B legend Crush also has his own Soundcloud. Crush uploads experimental tracks that he self-produced. While he blows fans away with singles, such as ‘Sofa’ and ‘Oasis,’ and is a popular feature artist, his creativity and passion for music production is evident in unique tracks found on his Soundcloud.

15. SOUTH_CLUB (Nam Taehyun)

Since his departure from YG Entertainment, Nam Taehyun has continued to pursue bigger and better things! Taehyun built up his own music label, South Buyers Club, and debuted his band, South Club with their first EP, ’90.’ He continues to share his music through his Soundcloud, posting covers and experimenting with pop and rock.


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