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BTS Release Concept Photos for “Answer”

BigHit has revealed four sets of concept photos for each version of the upcoming BTS album, “Love Yourself: Answer”. The album is set to be released on August 24, 2018. The four sets of photos form the words “SELF”, which is a call out to listeners to love themselves throughout their lives. The S-version photos, however, have been the subject of discussion as the seven boys don eclectic high fashion in creepy, red-walled boxes where they are not-so-subtly being watched by cameras, eyes, and reached for by dismembered hands.

The E-version photos are playful, bending reality as the boys sit atop piles of sand in glass orbs. The color scheme for these teasers is airy and fantastical. The puppet-strings and wind-up keys hint at darker themes, however.

The L-version photos play with the idea of torn paper, mixing two photos together to form one composite image. It could be that BTS are showing us their multiple sides, telling us that what we see on the outside may not be what’s hidden underneath in monochrome.

The F-version photos are laid back, sticking to more standard fashion as the boys perch on brightly-colored playground equipment. Most of the boys have neutral expressions on their faces, offering us very little hint in the sparse setup as to what themes they are trying to convey.

What teasers did you like best?


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