[Sweet Feature] Stray Kids Debut Album ‘I am NOT’

Welcome to SSK‘s “Sweet Feature” segment, where we highlight our team’s most prized K-pop merchandise!

Featured this time is the debut album of Stray Kids, “I am NOT,” which comes after the group’s pre-debut album, “Mixtape.”

The “I am NOT” album has two versions: “I am” and “NOT,” each that comes with a different photo book and album cover. The album comes with three photo cards: a selfie PC, a unit PC (which includes three members), as well as a childhood PC (baby photos of the members). There were also preorder postcards benefits included, as well as individual members posters.

As a Stray Kids collector, I have both album versions, as well as several photo cards that I received with the album and from resellers. In addition, I have posters for my two favorite members, leader Bang Chan and rapper Han!

To learn more about Stray Kids, make sure to check out the Artist Spotlight segment I wrote about them awhile back! Get acquainted with them before their comeback in August!

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