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MXM Releases Catchy Comeback Track ‘Ya Ya Ya’

MXM, also known as Brand New Boys, has made their official comeback with a new track, “Ya Ya Ya.”

The song is catchy and fun, similar to their previous concepts but with a more refreshing twist. “Ya Ya Ya” laced with jazzy elements that sets it apart from their past songs and is paired perfectly with the energetic choreography and colorful visual aesthetic.

“Ya Ya Ya” is the title song of the group’s first full-length album, “More Than Ever,” which consists of 14 new tracks.

In addition to the MV for “Ya Ya Ya,” the boys will also be releasing another MV for “Checkmate,” which already has an MV teaser.

MXM consists of members Youngmin and Donghyun, who previously participated in the second season of “Produce 101” along with labelmates Woojin and Daehwi, who are currently promoting with Wanna One.


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