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Stray Kids Spoils Comeback Tracks in First ‘I am WHO’ Lyric Cards

Stray Kids has just given fans a sneak peek of their upcoming album, “I am WHO.”

The group released their first batch of lyric cards, which provide a brief glimpse into the instrumentals for their new songs as well as small inscriptions of corresponding lyrics.

The tracks featured on this round of lyric cards are the “WHO?”, the title song, “My Pace,” “Voices,” and “Question,” each with a different music sound and eliciting different feelings.


Stray Kids also expressed in the first episode of their “I am WHO” segments that the album they worked hard on creating together is a “masterpiece” that contains elements of their personal stories as well as messages that everyone could relate to.

Furthermore, they would like fans to derive their own meanings from the group’s lyrics and find ways to connect with them.

Stray Kids is making their first comeback since their debut in March with their first mini album, “I am NOT” and title song, “District 9.”

I am WHO” will be an “extension” in some ways to their previous album, except it will demonstrate more of the members’ individual talents and versatility with music genres and concepts.

The new album will be released on August 6, following their comeback showcase, “UNVEIL [Op. 02 : I am WHO]” on August 5.

Which song do you like the most? My personal favorite is “Voices!”


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