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Artist Spotlight ⭐ Why We Love MYTEEN!

MYTEEN (which stands for “MY TEENAGER”) debuted under The Music Works in 2017 with their first EP, “MYTEEN GO!” The group is comprised of 7 members, each with their own quirks and talents.

The members are also known for their participation in the reality program, “MIXNINE,” as well as Yuvin‘s appearance in “Superstar K6” in 2014, where he placed within the Top 4. The group has also had their own reality show, “MYTEEN GO!” which showcases their everyday lives and gives fans more perspective on their individual personalities and group dynamic.

The boys recently came back with their 2nd mini album, “F;UZZLE,” with the smooth and alluring R&B track, “She Bad,” along with several other charming and amazing songs. They have also just celebrated their first anniversary as a group together.


MYTEEN is comprised of the following members: leader Eunsu, followed by members Taevin, Chunjin, Kookheon (formerly known as Xiheon), Junseop, Yuvin, and Hanseul. All of the members were born between the years 1996 and 2001, with Taevin being the oldest and Hanseul being the youngest.

Who catches your eye so far? (My bias is Taevin!)


MYTEEN GO! (2017)

“Take it Out”
“Mr. Misery”
“Day by Day”

F;UZZLE (2018)

“She Bad”
“Over You”
“Pretty in Pink”
“BBQ (At the Barbecue)”

Song Recommendations

I cannot recommend every single track of “F;UZZLE” enough. All of the songs on this album are stellar, ranging from smooth R&B dance tracks like “She Bad” and “Martian” to more upbeat and sweet ones like “Pretty in Pink” and “BBQ (At the Barbecue).” If you’re a fan of ballads, “Over You” is the way to go.

From their debut album, “MYTEEN GO!” I would definitely suggest “Take it Out.” That song was the first one I’ve ever heard from MYTEEN, and I fell in love with them right away because of it. “Take it Out” caught my attention because it delved into the R&B genre, my favorite one, and also because the choreography video left me speechless!

Music Videos

“She Bad” features choreography that was created by VIXX‘s N, who has worked with MYTEEN in the past.

Fun fact about “Take It Out” is that it was also choreographed by VIXX‘s N!

Get to Know Them!

One of the best ways to get to know MYTEEN is through their reality show, “MYTEEN GO!” There are tons of hilarious, surprising, and even touching moments shared between the members, from simple backyard BBQs to fun moments at the beach!

Additionally, you could also check out these individual member segments on MOMO X, which feature the members doing an activity in silence for about three minutes. It’s both amusing and relaxing to watch, since none of them talk during that amount of time.

This “Spin the Roulette” Arirang feature was cute and entertaining to watch, too! It’s enjoyable seeing the members play a game and fulfill missions.

Finally, there is “MYTEEN SHOW,” which are behind-the-scenes, often self-filmed clips of the boys.

There are currently over 80 episodes, with one of my favorite ones being Episode 66 which is a Halloween special that features Taevin, Hanseul, Yuvin, and Eunsu. (This makes me curious if they’re big horror fans like I am? Hmm… I can only dream!)

There are an abundance of videos on YouTube to help you get acquainted with the boys, so don’t forget to subscribe to their channel and follow them on their social media pages for more content!

Link with MYTEENYouTube | Twitter | Facebook | Official Website


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