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MXM Are Gorgeous in Teasers for 1st Album ‘More Than Ever’

MXM, the beloved boys of Brand New Music, are making a return with their 1st full-length album this August.

They have just dropped two different teasers, the first being the “More Version,” and the second the “Ever Version.” The boys look mature, stepping away from their previous playful and mischievous concepts that they had in “I’m the One” and “Diamond Girl.”

This will be the duo’s very first full-length album, and to top it off, they will be holding their first concert together as part of their upcoming promotions.

In addition to the teaser images, MXM also revealed the official “More Than Ever” comeback schedule, which details releasing until their official comeback on August 14.


MXM, consisted of Youngmin and Donghyun, debuted in September 2017 with their first EP, “Unmix” and title track “I’m the One.” They followed with a comeback in January 2018 with “Match Up” with title song, “Diamond Girl.”

MXM have also released several singles since their debut, including the slow song, “Gone Cold,” which was a step away from their youthful image.

They became well-loved after their run on “Produce 101,” where they represented their agency alongside Wanna One‘s Woojin and Daehwi.


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