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DPR LIVE is Coming to Your City With Their “2018 CTVL TOUR”

If you don’t know about DPR LIVE then you will most certainly want to listen to them ASAP because they will be embarking on a world tour this year! DPR, which stands for “Dream Perfect Regime” (which they totally live up to that name mhm) quietly posted this poster on their official SNS page. With DPR releasing their world tour teaser poster, “DPR 2018 CTYL TOUR” fans are s q u e a l i n g  in delight because of the exciting news!


With the looks of it, DPR LIVE will be hitting up a good chunk of the Northern American cities, and some areas in the European and Asia-Pacific regions. With more cities to come, fans are excited and definitely keeping their eyes peeled for the next announcement and maybe perhaps ticket info on August 1st, EDT!

Who’s excited to hear that DPR LIVE is going on tour?! Because we sure are!!!


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