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Stray Kids Get Colorful in First ‘I am WHO’ Teasers

Stray Kids has surprised fans with the first “I am WHO” teaser set!

They have released three unit teasers. The first one features Woojin, Hyunjin, and Bang Chan, the second one pictures Seungmin, Lee Know, and Changbin, and the final image depicts Felix, I.N, and Han.

In contrast, “I am WHO” is the manifests a colorful and liberating theme, following the previously chaotic concept arranged in the tracks and MVs for their debut with “I am NOT.” As opposed to “I am NOT,” which featured a mostly black and white color palette, “I am WHO” features a broader range of color splashes, from bright yellow to a vibrant orange.

Stray Kids previously released the tracklist, which details a heavily self-made album with songs created by 3RACHA (members Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han), as well as songs that the other members participated in making.

The group will be releasing an MV for the title song, “My Pace,” with the possibility of additional MVs to be released later (as with the additional MVs for “Mirror” and “Grow Up” from the “I am NOT” album).

Stray Kids is holding their comeback showcase, “UNVEIL [Op. 02 : I am WHO]” on August 5 at Kyunghee University. They will then make their official return on August 6 with the release of their new album.


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