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[Unboxing] SF9 Mwave Signed ‘Mamma Mia’ Regular & Special Edition Albums

The first merchandise featured in Sweet Sweet Kpop‘s very first unboxing video are SF9‘s Mwave Signed “Mamma Mia” Regular and Special Edition albums!

Featured in the video is also SF9‘s 3rd mini album, “Knights of the Sun,” as well as two fansite fans of members Youngbin and Inseong.

The regular edition is colorful, with a sleeve packaging on the outside that makes it appear like a DVD or TV screen. It comes with one large photo card/cover, a photo card, a photo ticket, a photo book, and finally, the CD.

The photobook has sections designated for each member, followed by group photos and lyric pages which also feature individual member shots.

The photo cards I received from this one are Jaeyoon‘s photocard and cover card, along with Taeyang‘s photo ticket. This makes me a super happy camper, because my SF9 bias is Jaeyoon!

The special edition is more like a photo book, being on the larger side. The cover is green and also has a thin sleeve that goes around the front and back covers.

The special edition comes with smooth pages, larger, higher-quality images, a CD, and a photo booth theme that makes it even more unique! My favorite part about this album was the cute and fun photos towards the end of the book, which resemble photo strips.

The goodies I got from this version is Youngbin‘s photocard, as well as Inseong‘s photo ticket!

In addition to these albums are two fansite fans for members Inseong and Youngbin, as well as an unsigned SF9Knights of the Sun” album, which comes with one photocard, a round and transparent card, as well as a photo book and CD.

SF9 made their first comeback of 2018 with “Mamma Mia” in March. They are currently preparing for their next comeback, though an official release date has yet to be revealed.


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