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Get Hyped for VAV’s Meet & Live in USA Tour With This Playlist!

Being less than a month away from VAV”s 1st US Meet & Live Tour, the best way to pump yourself up and get ready for the concert is by definitely putting these songs on your playlist and turning up the volume.

Let’s start with the song that gave the name to their fandom, “Under the Moonlight”.

If you want a more powerful sound and focusing more on the choreography then “Brotherhood” is a great choice.

Leaving the dark concept aside for a while, they decided to try a more cute and happy image with “Flower”.

For a more playful and chill image, you should listen to “Gorgeous”.

And our last recommendation is their most recent release, a relaxed and sexy concept titled “Give it to me”.

This is just a little taste of the talent this guys have to offer, so we encourage you to go to A Team’s official channel and check out everything they have so you can attend the concert prepared to have the best night.

The group has teamed up with Studio PAV to hold their tour from August 17 to 23, 2018. They will be kicking off the tour at New Jersey’s White Eagle Hall on August 17 and follow with the Buckhead Theater in Atlanta, GA on August 19, the Granada Theater in Dallas, TX on August 21, and finally, Copernicus Center in Chicago on August 23.

Similar to other tours hosted by Studio PAV in the past, the Meet & Live will offer exclusive fan benefits and perks that are rarely seen in overseas events!

There will be a Pick-A-Pose Snapshot option available as well as group photos, hi touch, and fan sign events with specific ticket packages, as well as official merchandise (lightstick, slogan towel, signed ecobag) to purchase.

Make sure not to miss out on this event and buy your tickets now!


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