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Dreamcatcher Launches Photo Book Crowdfunding Project with MyMusicTaste

Girl group Dreamcatcher has just teamed up with MyMusicTaste to launch a crowdfunding photo book project!

MyMusicTaste is a fan-driven platform that gives the opportunity for fans to request their favorite artists in a city near them, thus “making” concerts. Because of request on MyMusicTaste, Dreamcatcher was able to hold a tour in Europe in 2017 and is preparing for their Latin American tour.

In addition, MyMusicTaste has helped organize events such as EXO‘s 2016 “EXOPLANET #2 The EXO’luXion” tour in North American tour and recently, GOT7 2018 “Eyes In You” in North America as well.

The project Dreamcatcher and MyMusicTaste are collaborating on had a goal of $20,000 to build a photo book for the group. Within just an hour of launching, the goal was reached, giving a green-light for the project to proceed.

Those who help fund the project will be rewarded with varying perks, such as limited edition photo cards and personalized “thank you” videos. Everyone who donates over $30 (which entail Bronze, Silver, Gold, or VIP packages) by July 22, 11PM KST will received a photo book that is signed by the Dreamcatcher members themselves.

The crowdfunding will remain open until September 16 at 11PM KST, so make sure to pledge your donations now to support the girls and receive those benefits!

Dreamcatcher debuted in January 2017 with the single, “Nightmare” and has since become known for their dark and nightmarish concepts. The members consist of JiU, SuA, Siyeon, Yoohyeon, Dami, Handong, and Gahyeon.

They released their 2nd mini album in May titled, “Escape the ERA” with title song, “You and I,” which has a unique metal and rock song. This also signals the end of Dreamcatcher‘s nightmare concept, as they will be delving into different ones moving forward.

Check out for more information about the photo book project!


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