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5 Must Visut Jeju Attractions

If you haven’t heard, Jeju Island is an island off the Korean peninsula and one of the most famous places for couples to visit in Asia. The natural landscape makes it a gorgeous choice for any nature lovers and those who enjoy hiking. Recently, I was lucky enough to visit the beautiful island of Jeju and in my opinion here are five places you should visit if you fly down for yourself.

5.  Seongsan Ilculbong (Sunrise Peak)


(Photo credit to owner)

For those who love nature and hiking this is one of the essential peaks to climb at Jeju. There are steps to walk up, so it’s not rough terrain, but it is a climb. It gets pretty steep and Jeju can get pretty humid so be sure to put on sunscreen and drink lots of water but trust me when I say the view from the top makes the struggle worth it.

4.  Hyeopjae Beach


(Photo Credit to Korea Tourism)

What’s something we all love to do on vacation? Go to the beach! This beach was pretty busy but it was still easy to swim around, the water was the perfect temperature and there’s nothing better than looking out past the water and seeing mountains. Going to the beach is an essential part of any vacation, therefore Hyeopjae Beach is a necessity for any Jeju trip.

3. Hanwha Aqua Planet


(Photo is my own)

This aquarium in Jeju is supposedly the largest aquarium in Asia, and if you enjoy attractions such as aquariums then this is a must see. They have amazingly huge tanks that go above your head, and even individual tanks that give you a one on one look on the penguins. And don’t worry, there’s a gift shop and a cafe for all your spending needs. This is the perfect place if you have kids, or even individually, you just can’t go wrong with cute animals.

2. Ecoland


(Photo credit to owner)

Jeju is known for its nature and scenery, and this only proves that even more. If the hike up Seongsan Ilculbong wasn’t enough nature for you, or if you don’t want to climb all those stairs then rest easy knowing you can sit in a train as it goes by beautiful flowers, and scenes of nature. But, Ecoland has stops where you can walk around in nature, and they even have hobbit holes! It’s a fun way to be outside with nature, without much effort. I definitely recommend putting aside a whole day to ride the train and stop at every stop and enjoying what Ecoland has to offer!

1. Loveland 


(photo credit to owner)

This may not be a suitable family attraction, but Jeju is also known as a honeymoon spot. This ‘museum’ if it can be called that is probably the most well known Jeju attraction, bringing those who want a good laugh and also those that may need help getting in the mood so to speak. Loveland is dedicated to explicit images of a sexual nature that appeal to various people for various reasons, and you just may be one of them. Be adventurous, check out this oddball ‘museum’.

Have you ever been to any of these attractions? Let us know! And let us know if you agree or have any other suggestions for Jeju attractions!


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