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MYTEEN Releases ‘She Bad’ Dance MV with Choreography by VIXX’s N

MYTEEN has released the performance version for their comeback track, “She Bad.”

The elegant and sensual choreography was created by VIXX‘s N, who previously choreographed the dance routine for their R&B song, “Take It Out.”


N recently took to SNS to show his support for the boys, playfully noting that he would take notice to see which members performed his choreography well.

MYTEEN recently released their 2nd mini album, “F;UZZLE.” They debuted as a 7-member group in late 2017 with “Amazing,” the title song of their debut mini, “MYTEEN GO!” Members include: Eunsu, Yuvin, Kookheon, Taevin, Chunjin, Junseop, and Hanseul.

Support MYTEEN by checking out their MV, along with the performance MV below!


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