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[Music Box] Amazing Tracks from K-pop Groups Formed After Survival Shows

Survival shows have been a trend in Korean entertainment in recent years. They are known for highlighting the talents and unique qualities of individuals who are trying to achieve their dreams of debuting and becoming successful in a highly-competitive industry.

Aspiring entertainers (sometimes already-debuted idols) compete to secure a position in a group that debuts once the show has concluded.

Some of the more popular reality survival programs are “Produce 101,” “The UNI+,” “BOYS24,” “Mixnine,” “Pentagon Maker,” “Stray Kids,” “No.Mercy,” and most recently, “Produce 48,” which is still being broadcasted.

The shows have produced groups like I.O.I, Wanna One, UNB, IN2ITMONSTA XPENTAGON, and more, while also providing opportunities for other groups who did not make it into the final lineup of the program to form.

For example, season 2 of “Produce 101” officially produced Wanna One, but groups like JBJ and RAINZ formed shortly after the show, comprised of members who also participated in the program.

Many of these groups are on short-term contracts, as they belong to different agencies and will debut either solo or with different groups after returning to their companies.

A major result in these reality programs is highlighting the talents of many aspiring artists. We at Sweet Sweet Kpop would like to appreciate these diverse groups as well by listing our favorite songs from some of them!


“Very Very Very”

“Whatta Man”

Wanna One


“I Promise You”



“I’m the One”

“Diamond Girl”


“My Flower”


“Call Your Name”



“Turn It Up”


“No More”


“Black Heart”


“Only One”





“Mollae Mollae”

Which songs are your favorite?



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