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GOT7 Turns Up the Heat with ‘Eyes On You’ in Toronto

GOT7 took over Downtown Toronto with their “Eyes on You” tour just a day after the Canada’s Day celebration, July 3rd, 2018.

The tour is presented by JYP Entertainment, SubKulture Entertainment and Pop! Goes the World, one of the leaders in events in Canada.

The boys kicked off their North American leg of their world tour, in Toronto, and it was a treat for IGOT7, also known as AhGaSe.

Some lucky fans had the chance to see the boys before the show started, with their Hi-Touch tickets they got when they first purchased it. Before the show started, you could feel the love of the fans, as they cheered for their idols to hit the stage.

When the lights and VCR were all done and “Hard Carry” instrumental started playing, fans began to fanchant for the boys, filling the venue with their passionate screams.


Mark had made a promise to Toronto Ahgase, back in June 2016. Two years later, they returned and it was a wonderful experience for both the fans and GOT7. The boys introduced themselves and talked about how they felt being able to fulfill their promise of returning there.

The boys teased each other often when they were speaking with their fans. Often times, fans would be laughing at the playfulness of the members. You could feel the mutual love shared between the fans and the members of GOT7 alike.

A segment from the concert that stood out was the cute animated VCR that was created. It was a cute love story where boy meets girl and the fall in love, but girl falls out of love with boy and then breaks up.

They can now be known as Savage7, considering the way they answered the question, “If your girlfriend broke up with you and wants you back now, would you take her back?”

The members displayed very animated rejection they would give to that girl. From saying “I’m Solo” to dancing and making it seem like he kicked her out of his life, to declarations that they would tell her, “Get out!”

GOT7 had another segment in their VCR clip that kept fans entertained as they got into their next outfit behind stage. In the first segment there was a funny part where the members said their leader JB constantly tells them to get out of the shower. The only person to have said so to the leader was Jinyoung, and the other members agreed it would only be him who could speak to the leader like that.


The boys came out in the VCR teasing fans that they should do unit performances. Lucky fans got to see the boys perform in subunits First up was Jinyoung and BamBam, who hyped up the crowd with “I’m the king.”


JB, Mark and Youngjae were next to slow down the mood a bit. They were then followed by Yugyeom‘s solo dance performance, then Jackson’s. As if the previous performance didn’t get a lot of love, Jackson takes off his shirt, increasing the energy in the venue.

GOT7 performed a variety of songs off their albums, including “Hard Carry,” “Look,” “Girls Girls Girls,” and “If You Do.” Other tracks they performed were “Hey”, “Firework,” “Begging on my knees,” and “Go Higher”.

As the show came to a close, GOT7 took the stage to perform “Thank You.” During the performance, fans around the arena held up a green banner that says “TORONTO” with the boys silhouettes on them. The other side of the banner had lyrics from the songs. Seeing the fans holding up their light sticks and banners while singing along was a beautiful sight.

The boys promised to come back to Toronto and hold a bigger concert for their fans. They even joked about having multiple dates for their next time back in Canada.

GOT7 expressed that they will be working on a album after their concert and hope fans will continue to support them and never leave their sides. Fans chanted in agreement as the boys set to perform their last set of songs.

These 7 young men kept a promise to their fans and shared a wonderful night filled with screams, laughter, and tears of joy.

It was truly an unforgettable night for fans and GOT7 alike.

Did you attend the show? If so, share your favorite experiences with us!




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