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UNB Shows Fans Their Feelings at First Fan-con!

UNB had their first ever Fan-con in Korea since their debut after the survival show The Unit. If you don’t know who UNB is, the simplest explanation is that they are the older idols equivalent to Wannaone, The Unit was an idol rebooting project for older idols that never got their popularity.

The final lineup for UNB was; Jun (placed 1st, U-Kiss), Euijin (2nd, Bigflo), Go Hojung (3rd, Hotshot), Feeldog (4th, Bigstar), Marco (5th, H.B.Y), Hansol (6th), Daewon (7th, Former Madtown), Kijoong (8th, I.M) and Chan (9th, ACE).

The boys recently had a comeback titled ‘Black Heart‘ which they performed at their Fan-con, and have been gaining more and more popularity as they continue to promote. The event was held at Yes24hall in Gwangjin-Gu, Seoul from 7 till approx. 11.

The event started off with a quick message on proper etiquette for the event, and then the UNB crew jumped out and began to perform their debut title track ‘Feeling‘ then preceded that with ‘Only One.

After their initial performances, the boys then took lie detector tests, and ask each other questions hoping to catch them lying. It seemed as if everyone was having fun playing with the famous ‘Idol Lie Machine’ in many idol shows.


The games they played made it a longer concert, and they even had Euijin go into the crowd and let them ask questions and ask things for the boys like for example: someone asked for aegyo from Jun.

They even had special performances from The Unit! They performed ‘Dancing with the Devil‘ and ‘All Day‘ which was amazing! They also included performances like the ‘Stay‘ and ‘내꺼’ which was a pleasant surprise!

Overall it was well worth the money, and UNB are troopers for having a fan event which lasted so long! On top of also including a hi-touch, which I was not pre-planned, It was a very fan inclusive event. They performed just about every song possible and if you don’t stan UNB now, after knowing this you have to!

What do you guys think? Do you stan UNB? Are you curious about them after this? Let us know!


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