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[Music Box] 10 3RACHA Songs You Absolutely Cannot Miss Out On

Welcome our very first “Music Box” segment, where we share some of our favorite songs with you! What better way to start off this fun series than with the mega-talented 3RACHA?

3RACHA is a unit comprised of CB97, SPEARB, and J.ONE, who are also known as Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han of Stray Kids. 3RACHA was formed during Stray Kids‘ predebut era and have released several mixtapes, each with several self-written, self-composed, and self-produced tracks.

Their first mixtape is “J:/2017/Mixtape,” their second one is “3Days,” and their final one is “Horizon.”

While many of their tracks are critiques of society or tell of the hardships the members faced, there are also more whimsical and fun ones, which demonstrates the trio’s versatility.

Here is a list of ten of 3RACHA‘s best tracks (in no particular order). Appreciate their genius talents with me and the rest of their fans!

    1. +.-What better way to start off this playlist than with this absolute masterpiece? “+.-” is one-of-a-kind, just like the song title. It is one of the more serious-sounding tracks on this list and also one of my absolute favorites. Take a listen!
    2. P.A.C.E
      “Pick up the pace” with one of my ultimate favorite 3RACHA songs, “P.A.C.E.” This is a song that startles you awake from the get-go and brings you through a whirlwind of highs, both from the hard-hitting beat from the masterful rap from each of the members.The way each of the members play off one another in the rap is amazing, making it a track that is absolutely impossible to miss out on. Additionally, this is where each of their individual rap and vocal styles shine, making it one of their more unique tracks.
    3. Can we also talk about how great it is to see the members praise one another in the song? Talk about team spirit!

    4. Matryoshka
      “Matryoshka” is one of 3RACHA‘s most intense songs and is hard-hitting from start to finish, leaving you breathless at the end. It is also one of the few songs the trio has performed live both predebut and recently at KCON 2018 NY.It is also one of the group’s better-known songs, and for a good reason. It’s a personal testament from each member talking about their experiences with being artists and their determination to succeed despite those who doubt them. (Also, the fact that CB97 uses the term “ninjas” in there again is more than enough reason to listen.) Just press play!
    5. 국산 바나나 (Domestic Banana)https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=https%3A//api.soundcloud.com/tracks/338124097&color=%23ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&show_teaser=true&visual=trueYou must be thinking, “What? They have a song called ‘Domestic Banana’? Is it really about bananas?” Well, the answer is yes… and no.
    6. “Domestic Banana” is one of those songs that have an intense beat that may fool you into thinking it’s a diss track or something along those lines, but it’s really about how unbearable everything is when it’s super hot in the summer (and how bananas are growing in Korea, because who doesn’t like bananas?).

    7. Broken Compass“Broken Compass” tells of how the members are unsure of the direction they are heading in life, of the endless possibilities in life and how they are guided only by a broken compass. They also mention how despite losing their sense of direction or drifting apart, music will always be there to guide them back on the path that they chose for themselves.
    8. Runner’s High“Runner’s High” has a gripping introduction that sets the stage for an intense track–and that’s exactly what 3RACHA delivers in this song. “Runner’s High” is arguably one of the trio’s most popular and powerful pieces and is a masterpiece that perfectly blends the three member’s varying rap styles and messages in it.
    9. For You (ft. Felix)
      “For You” is an extremely touching and uplifting song, serving as a commentary on the struggles the youth endures in a society with an emphasis on academic performance and social expectations.The key lines of the song are encouraging and uplift the listener with the message that you can do whatever you set yourself out to do, and although it may be difficult, the boys understand your struggles and will be there for you along the way. This song features fellow Stray Kids member, Felix, who occasionally says, “Hey!” in the background. Better than not featuring him at all, though, am I right?
    10. Double Knot“Double Knot” is a song with striking commentary in which the members talk about their ambitions and how their music and dreams are enough of an answer to them. They talk about how they refuse to put only half effort into everything they do, because they want to do it right the first time.
    11. CB97 comments on how he’s frustrated with those who sit and talk without doing anything and how his father taught him to tie his shoelaces twice to survive the walk called life–hence the song title, “Double Knot.”

    12. Peer Pressure“Peer Pressure” is another one of 3RACHA‘s social commentary, this time on their experiences with peer pressure. Each of the members has their own verse, which is broken up with a brief instrumental that unifies the song and their messages.
    13. Placebo“Placebo” has a more upbeat and lighthearted sound compared to the rest of the songs on this list, making it a perfect way to round off this “Music Box” segment.
    14. “Placebo” is a commentary on the members’ insecurities about accomplishing their dreams and their reality and also plays on the symbolism of medicine, addiction, and placebo effects. This song was also included in Stray Kids‘ debut album, “I am NOT” as the track, “Mixtape #1.”

So, what did you think about these tracks? Which ones are your favorite, and why? Which songs had messages that particularly resounded with you?

Follow 3RACHA on Soundcloud or support the members by also supporting Stray Kids!


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