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SEVENTEEN Wrap Up 4 Days of ‘Ideal Cut’ in Seoul

The 13-member groups finished a marathon 4-days straight of concerts in Seoul to kick of their Asia tour. ‘Ideal Cut’ in Seoul kicked off with one concert featuring all the members together, and was followed by three unit-specific days of shows.


Following Japanese promotions for their first full-Japanese mini-album “We Make You”, the boys had gone suspiciously quiet for weeks in the lead up to their concert. Tickets for all four concerts sold out in minutes as eager Carats desperately tried to get into shows for their favorite members and units.


Each member had their time to shine as they performed thirteen unreleased solo songs, often written and composed by the group themselves. Some members pushed themselves to show a different side, such as Mingyu who performed a moving ballad, while others like Hoshi excelled with new and powerful dance moves.


SEVENTEEN ended their final concert with their comeback teaser for their fifth mini-album. “You Make My Day” is already promising sweet summer vibes to come.


SEVENTEEN‘s ‘Ideal Cut’ will continue in August through to October in Hong Kong, Saitama, Jakarta, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, and Taipei.


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