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Tiffany Young Debuts in the U.S. With “Over My Skin”

After parting ways with her former long-term entertainment company, SM Entertainment last year, Tiffany (real name Stephanie Hwang) has been closely working alongside Stateside Transparent Agency for her own music releases in the United States. Tiffany moved back to Los Angeles after not resigning with S.M Entertainment. She has been continuing her studies meanwhile creating new music for her fans!

Tiffany Hwang
“I got this vision in my mind, You got me singing with desire, You got my heart on double time, And I’m not putting out my fire”

Over the past few weeks she has been teasing fans on her SNS accounts with teasers and hints of what her new release might be-which now she has officially released all over the world now! “Over My Skin” marks Tiffany Young’s first ever U.S. solo track since her activities as a Girls Generation member. With a catchy and funky tune, please give all the love and support to the wonderful Tiffany Young as she sings her desires in her song.


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